Air Blow Fans: A Quarter Century of Innovation

As Air Blow Fans (ABF) celebrates its 25th anniversary, we reflect on our humble beginnings as a passion project founded by Mike Eadie, who was driven by a love for invention and engineering rather than traditional business growth. But it’s not just about longevity; it’s a story of transformation and resilience.

When current owner and CEO Gavin Ratner and partners took over ABF in 2017, they were keen to build on the enthusiasm and expertise established by its founders. Within just a few years, the business has expanded more than twentyfold, now with over 120 employees and an impressive order book with some of the world’s biggest mining and industrial brands. As Gavin says, “We’re certainly in a growth phase, and that comes with challenges, but we can’t complain. Mike Eadie had a nice saying that ‘the growth pains in a business are a better class of problem to have.'” 

In the past 25 years, we’ve expanded our footprint across Africa, Asia, and the Americas by working closely with our customers to understand their unique business challenges, wherever they are. This allows us to engineer the most cost-effective, robust, and efficient fan solutions.  

Inspired by nature’s engineering marvels, we’ve even explored biomimicry in developing new fan solutions. Taking cues from the aerodynamic efficiency of whale fins and gull wings, we’ve created several fans that Gavin describes as more efficient and cost-effective than competitors’ offerings.

In addition, we have utilised our sophisticated engineering expertise, drawing on our decades of experience in the mining sector, to design ventilation systems that effectively manage airborne dust in underground mining applications. Our solutions incorporate advanced codes to maximise their effectiveness in these challenging environments.  

To further enhance reliability, we’ve developed an AI-powered remote monitoring system that detects potential equipment failures before they occur. While mechanical components remain our core focus, this innovative technology augments our offering, helping ensure our clients’ mining operations run smoothly and efficiently.

We’re proud of our past, but we’re even more excited about our future. As we look ahead, we’re committed to continuing our tradition of innovation and excellence, positioning the business well for further growth. Mining projects continue to get off the ground around Sub-Saharan Africa, and ABF is looking forward to expanding into Australia and beyond. 

So, why should you choose ABF as your Mining Ventilation partner? Because we’re more than just a fan supplier. We’re a partner, committed to your success. We bring 25 years of experience, a track record of innovation, and a deep understanding of the mining industry. 

With ABF, you’re not just getting a product. You’re getting a promise. A promise of quality, reliability, and continuous innovation rooted in passion and expertise. Here’s to the next 25 years!