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Air Blow Fans specialises in complete turnkey axial fan installations, including drift work, shaft top bends, self-closing doors, flexible connections, outlet diffusers, instrumentation and control, PLC and variable speed interfacing, e-houses, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance with intelligence. Our scope of industrial cooling fans spans a broad operating envelope, across a wide range of ventilation applications. Their efficient aerofoil-shaped bladed designs provide for a wide range of pressure and flow rate operations in heavy-duty environments.

Where off-the-shelf catalogue fans are not appropriate, ABF can custom design and build to “any” size with well validated design principles and codes.

Depending on aspects such as power requirements and fan configuration, the following specifications and features are available in the specialised axial flow fans we offer:

  • Direct drive
  • Indirect or belt drive
  • Variable blade pitch at rest
  • Steel blades
  • Aluminium blades
  • Split barrels for ease of maintenance
  • A range of sizes, up to 4,000 mm in diameter
Through the innovative use of common mechanical components, we are able to offer highly competitive and cost-effective solutions in the application of axial fans.