When it comes to our fans, every detail matters.
Using our fan selection software, our engineers can select the most appropriate (axial or centrifugal) solution – saving both time and money. The program is then able to calculate performance curves, torque curves, variable frequency drive curves and noise levels to mechanically design and calculate stresses with the support of structural engineering input. The software can automatically generate drawings that are saved as AutoCAD files, produce AutoCAD cutting profiles for the main components, estimate costs, areas, weights and labour hours and generate a quote (amongst other things).

ABF Design

In the design phase, ABF makes use of the most advanced analysis tools like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Modelling (FEM). CFD is used to optimise aerodynamic design, resulting in higher efficiencies across a broad range of operating points, as per the application requirements, while FEM tools are used for both static and dynamic analysis and assist us in designing fan structures with optimal strength, balanced with ease of manufacture and maintenance.

Furthermore, Air Blow Fans has implemented a collaboration tool that allows us to track versions and work closely with manufacturers and clients, ensuring quality control throughout the engineering process to the final step of field assembly. It is also all in the cloud, which makes it secure and accessible anywhere, anytime!

By investing in all these phases of the product design, we can manage costs and streamline production, which ultimately benefits our customers.

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