Air Blow Fans’ Innovative Auxiliary Axial Fan Impeller Design

Air Blow Fans (ABF) has recently introduced an innovative auxiliary axial fan impeller design that is potentially the first of its kind. This new design is a significant departure from traditional methods, which typically involve casting the entire impeller hub from solid aluminium, or from steel components, using steel-cast blades. The conventional method is constrained by the size of the sets that can be cast and the sizes of the impeller hubs. However, ABF’s innovative design provides a scalable solution that requires minimal engineering effort beyond the initial design. This new approach is not confined by set sizes and allows for limitless scalability of hub sizes.

Scalable and Cost-Effective Design

ABF’s new impeller hub is assembled entirely from off-the-shelf materials, enabling easy scalability and quicker fabrication. While the blades are still cast from aluminium, ABF has developed a universal clamp mechanism, also cast from aluminium, for use across all fan sizes. Aluminium, being lighter, exerts less centrifugal force and its higher adhesive friction action ensures effective clamping action. This one-size-fits-all solution simplifies the fabrication process, speeds up production, reduces costs, and results in less inventory.

Customisable and Easy Maintenance

The new design allows pitch adjustment of each blade individually, enabling in-field performance adjustment according to client requirements. Furthermore, if a single blade gets damaged, it can easily be replaced, ensuring ease of maintenance and potential cost savings.


This innovative technology is already being used in ABF’s Axial Fan designs. It represents a significant step forward in the industry, offering a more flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solution for fan impeller design.

In conclusion, ABF’s new axial fan impeller design is a game-changer. It offers scalability, customisation, and easy maintenance, all of which are highly desirable features in today’s fast-paced industrial environment.

Axial Fan Impeller Design
Axial Fan Impeller Design